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We offer hot packs, a variety of icepacks, and pillows. We are also a supplier for Tempurpedic pillows and beds.

CBD Products

more information in coming soon....


Biofreeze pain reliever is the most frequently used pain reliever by healthcare professionals. It penetrates quickly, preventing or relieving pain through cold therapy. We have available in the office; 4 fl.oz. tube, 3 fl.oz roll-on, and 2 fl.oz. spray bottles. Come in and get yours today

Spenco Sandals

Spenco Orthodic Sandals are available in men's and women's: sizes, over the foot or toe-post styles, in black, and brown, with accent colors. Also available are orthodic shoe inserts in a variety of styles. We do have a couple of samples in the office if you would like to come in and check them out. This spring new colors and styles are available, including a new cork footbed.

Theraband Products

We offer a number of Theraband products, including rehab kits and stretch bands. Any of the Theraband products can be ordered. We also have an exercise and physical therapy station in-house featuring many of the Theraband products including body balls, stretch bands, and balance boards


The Original Udderbalm is available here. This is a wonderful skin moisturizer for dry and cracked skin. We offer a 1lb. tub with a pump or an 8oz. tube. Other sizes can be ordered.