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We Appreciate You!

Dr. Saunders and staff are enjoying the new location. We are thankful for all the hardworking individuals that made this all possible. We appreciate all of you! Thank you to all that participated in our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Monticello Chamber of Commerce on Monday December 10th. We had a great turn out despite the 16+ inches of snow the day before.

Wellness Day at the Middle School was awesome. WOW those teachers work hard! Dr. Saunders and staff spent the entire day February 1st teaching the 7th graders about Nutrition: the New Pyramid, "My Plate", Nutrition Labels, Portions and much more.

February 2nd Dr. Saunders braved the Polar Plunge at Fish Lake in Maple Grove with the Fine Line Hockey Divas for Special Olympics. She is already rounding up teammates to represent our clinic next year! Let us know if you are interested.

February 7th-9th she attended North Western Health Sciences University's 2017 Homecoming to get the latest and greatest chiropractic information for all of you. Topics included: the Foot and Ankle, Shoulder Impingement, Arthropathies, Sports Concussions, Common Drug Depleted Nutrients, the Chemistry of JOY and much more.